Why Render Rite?

With over 25 years of experience in the industry we are the ideal company for you. Whether you want coloured render, mono-couche k-rend or even just plastering we can provide all the services. We put quality and safety first and only provide the best service and will even suggest to you what we think your best options are.

See our sample preview of monocouche render or visit our monocouche page to view more colours.

Our Services

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  • Sally Johnson
    Renderrite provided a great service. They came to my home recommended that I try the mono-couche rendering to make my house more colourful. I was hesitant but it came out really well and I couldn't thank them enough.
    Sally Johnson
  • Tom Johnson
    Happy with the service provided by Render Rite, got them to do some plastering in my home. Would recommend to anyone.
    Tom Johnson
  • Lisa Smith
    Had Renderrite do my whole house in the coloured render they provide, they even suggested to me what colours they thought would go well. Really pleased with the quick and high quality work they provided got my house looking new again.
    Lisa Smith